What Exactly Is Stoodaio 2.0 Agency?

Stoodaio 2.0 is a brand new, Artificially Intelligent web-app that will write, create, host, publish and syndicate profit-producing Hollywood-Quality videos for you in any language and any niche in 3 minutes or less.

There are loads of things that appear with “A.I.” in the title….but they aren’t using real A.I. tech. Stoodaio 2.0 is the exception, and it is impressive.

Stoodaio 2.0 will write you a UNIQUE and perfectly readable script for you that provides IMMENSE value to your audience.

It will identify the prominent keywords in your script and break it up into different slides and AUTOMATICALLY match it with RELEVANT images and background videos based on those keywords.

At the same time, it will then turn that script into a human-like voice over for you. (in ANY language and/or accent imaginable)

Then it will mash it ALL together and render a WEB-READY video for you in a matter of minutes and put it on its BLAZING fast video hosting engine.

Stoodaio Review – Important Features of Stoodaio

  • A.I. Video Script: Stoodaio has an A.I. script writing that is built in and can write unique videos for you in any language and niche you want.
  • With built-in text-to-speech: your script can be automatically turned into a voiceover recording.
  • Built-in VoiceOver Recorder: It’s easy to record your own voice for the video that Stoodaio makes.
  • Built-in media: Stoodaio comes with 1.5 million images and videos that you can use for free in your videos.
  • A.I. Media Selection: Stoodaio’s library of 1.5 million media assets will automatically choose the best media for your video.
  • You can also upload: your own pictures and sounds to use in the videos.
  • Background music: You can choose from 80,000 pieces of music to add to the background of your video.
  • Add text: transitions, and a logo to your video to make it look good.
  • Built-in templates: Stoodaio has a library of video templates that have been made by professionals to help you get started quickly.
  • Blank Canvas: Stoodaio lets you edit the videos, images, text, and voiceovers on your own to make them perfect.
  • Multiple Video Sizes: Stoodaio can make videos for YouTube, Facebook, and many other platforms.
  • Video hosting: Stoodaio’s own video hosting platform lets you post and share your videos.
  • Real-Time Stats: See in real-time how many people watch, subscribe to, and follow your video.
  • Stoodaio Pages: With just a few clicks, you can publish your videos on high-converting video pages with headlines, buttons, images, custom text, and more.
  • Stoodaio makes it easy: to download your own videos for use when you’re not online.
  • Agency License: With an Agency License, you can use Stoodaio to make videos for your clients and charge them for the service.
Keep reading my review of Stoodaio 2.0 to find out what it can do.

What’s New in Stoodaio 2023?

Stoodaio 2023 is a new version of the same app, but it has a lot of new features and improvements. Let’s keep reading our Stoodaio 2023 Review to find out more.

Square and Vertical Videos

Since videos are so popular on social media right now, it’s not surprising that many sites have made videos their main focus. This means you can make square and vertical videos for platforms like TikTok, Instagram like, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and more.

Create Videos from a Pre-Recorded Voiceover

With the new Stoodaio 2.0 AI, you don’t have to write or copy and paste your script. All you have to do is upload your audio file, and the AI will automatically take out the text and turn it into a perfect video.

Create Videos by Speaking your Script

This amazing feature turns your voice into text as you speak, so you don’t even have to type to make videos. Just talk into the app, and it will type out what you say right away. When you’re done talking, click “create a video,” and videos are made right away from what you just said.

Server-Side Exporting

Stoodaio 2.0 not only renders your videos very quickly, but they’ve also decided to add server-side export for everyone who buys version 2.0. This means that their lightning-fast servers can render your videos no matter how fast your computer or internet is. In Version 1.0, this was mostly dependent on these factors.
Many users of Stoodaio 1.0 have asked for a way to watermark their videos so they can be sure their content is safe. With this new feature in Stoodio 2.0, you can quickly and easily add any watermark you want. Even if someone tries to steal one of your videos, your branding will still be there.

Text Animations, Image Animations, and Scene Transitions

You can now add text animations, image animations, and scene transitions to your videos to make them even better. Social media users like to see written words on their screens while watching videos, so adding text animation to your videos is a great idea. If you don’t want to use the footage as a background but would rather use an image, you can also use image animation. With this option, you can add effects to still images to make them look more like they are moving.

Control the Opacity

With the new opacity feature in Stoodaio Review, you can choose how much or how little text shows up in your videos. You can really make the text stand out by making it less transparent and/or giving it a bright background color. Or, you could make it less obvious by lowering the opacity or using a background color that isn’t as bright. In either case, this will make your videos look better and still make them stand out.

Added Music Fading

Making the music in your video fade in and out shows that you go above and beyond to make your videos look professional. Also, it makes the whole experience of watching better. Who wants to listen to music that stops in the middle of a song? With Stoodaio 2.0, it’s easy to add tracks and control how they fade in and out. Now, let’s see how Stoodaio works in the next part of my Stoodaio Review.

Rearrange Scene

Stoodaio 2.0’s new drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to change the order of your scenes and slides. Just take the videos you want to move and put them where you want them. You can use this feature to bring attention to certain points or just change things around for fun. Also, if you want to get more traffic from your videos, all you have to do is change a few things.

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✅ Stoodaio 2.0 Agency is a cloud based software. As long as you have an internet connection, you can have Stoodaio 2.0 write, create, host and publish videos for you.

✅ Your entire video script written for you in any niche by real A.I

✅ Unlock all niche templates to create videos for any service, niche or industry

✅ Turn any existing script or content into a totally unique version with the powerful A.I rewriter

✅ Your entire script turned into a voiceover immediately in just about any accent or language you’d like

✅ Your entire script analyzed by our A.I and automatically selects relevant video clips from our library of over 1,000,000+ clips

✅ Your script, slides + video clips, voiceover and music automatically combined to make an entire video for you in minutes

✅ Fully edit your videos as much or as little as you’d like

✅ Insert your own images, videos, voiceovers, etc.

✅ Blank canvas option so you can paste in your own script if you’d like

✅ Record your own voiceover right from inside the dashboard and let Stoodaio 2.0 automatically match it to relevant media.

✅ Choose the dimensions of your video to match the type of social media site you plan to post it on

✅ Send your video to its powerful video hosting engine to immediately get your video online

✅ Stoodaio 2.0’s A.I allows you to create Square and Vertical videos to tap into TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts and ALL the other HOT social sites out there.

✅ Create videos from a Pre-Recorded voiceover. You can upload your audio file and the A.I will automatically turn it into a perfect video for you.

✅ Create videos by speaking your script directly into the app with the brand new dictation feature (aka speech-to-video) so you never have to type a single word

✅ They’ve activated server side exporting for all users so that you can have your videos rendered way faster by having their dedicated servers do it for you.

✅ Fully brand and/or protect your videos by easily adding any watermark to your videos.

✅ Give your videos extra pro look with the text animations, image animations and scene transitions.

✅ Fully control the opacity of your text color and text background for a more refined look

✅ Quickly add and control how your music tracks fade in and out of your videos.

✅ Easily re-arrange your scenes and/or slides with the Drag-n-Drop update in a matter of seconds.

✅ Pause, fast forward, rewind or move the player to ANY position of your video to see EXACTLY how your video is going to look before you send it for rendering.

✅ Know how many scenes and slides your video is going to have.

✅ Quickly and easily click back and forth from each step in case you want to edit, add or remove anything from your video.

✅ Easily find and replace your background media without having to type anything.

✅ Track all of your video conversions so you know exactly how much profit your videos generate.

✅ Publish your videos to the high-converting videos pages in just a few clicks and add headlines, buttons, images, custom text and more.

✅ Embed your videos on any page you’d like in a matter of seconds.

✅ Over 1,500,000 royalty-free videos, images and audios built-in so you can fully customize your videos however you’d like.

✅ FULL access to all 80,000 music tracks.

✅ Premium video hosting included for free.

✅ Complete video player options built-in to skyrocket your conversions.

✅ Automatic publishing to a video page so you can start getting sales right away.

✅ Syndicate your videos and/or pages to over 25+ social sites to instantly start getting traffic, sales and subscribers.

Stoodaio 2.0 Agency Review - Pros and Cons:

Stoodaio 2.0 Agency Review - Who Can Use It?

  • ✅ Affiliate marketers
  • ✅ Newbie marketers
  • ✅ Local business owners
  • ✅ Social media marketer
  • ✅ Ecom store owners
  • ✅ Online advertisers
  • ✅ Content marketers
  • ✅ Marketing consultant
  • ✅ Youtube marketers
  • ✅ Digital marketers
  • ✅ Website owners
  • ✅ Video marketers
  • ✅ Bloggers
  • ✅ Many others
  • Q) How do the Credits Work?

    Ans => It’s pretty simple. 1 credit is for 1 video created. That means during this INSANE charter-members discount, you’ll be able to get PREMIUM videos created for you for less than $3 per video.

    Q) How Long of Script Will Stoodaio Write For Me?

    Ans => A.I Writer will be able to write a totally unique script for you that’s up to 1,200 words for just about any niche.

    Q) Can we have longer scripts than 1,200 words?

    Ans => Stay tuned for a VERY powerful bonus that they may or may not be announcing mid-way through the launch lol It may be something they’re calling their Stoodaio ReWriter where the A.I engine will ReWRITE ANY existing content into a TOTALLY new and UNIQUE version that you can INSTANTLY turn into videos.

    Q) Is the content Stoodaio writes really unique? Will it pass CopyScape?

    Ans => Yes. They are 100% confident that the content that Stoodaio writes for your videos will pass Copyscape every single time. Again, this is REALLY artificial intelligence at it’s finest. It is UNIQUE content that the A.I system is creating.


    Stoodaio 2.0 Agency Review “Why Should You Get This?”

    Video marketing is one of the a must in todays online world for businesses to get more traffic, instantly build trust, skyrocket profit and build brands online.

    Stoodaio 2.0 is a brand new A.I that will write, create, host, publish and syndicate profit-pulling videos for you in any language and any niche in few minutes.

    There are loads of things that appear with “A.I.” in the title….but they aren’t using real A.I. tech. Stoodaio is the exception, and it is impressive.

    Check What You Can Do With Stoodaio 2.0:

    [+] Get you more traffic, more sales and more profit by leveraging the most powerful strategy ever: video marketing

    [+] Get you more rankings by giving Google and Youtube exactly what it wants: constant, quality video content

    [+] Create Square and Vertical videos to tap into TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts and ALL the other HOT social sites out there.

    [+] Allow you to never have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a professional video creator make videos for you

    [+] Provide more value to your target audience in the format they want and convert more visitors into subscribers

    [+] Write unique, perfectly written video scripts for you for any niche

    [+Automatically turn that script into a complete, human-like, text-to-speech voiceover for you

    [+] Automatically match your script and voiceover with niche specific visuals and turn into a beautiful, high converting video

    [+] Done-for-you Hollywood-quality video creation in any language, any niche, for any product or service imaginable

    [+] Turn any existing script or content into a totally unique version with our powerful A.I rewriter

    [+] Powerful, human-like text-to-speech engine so the A.I turns all your scripts into amazing sounding voiceovers in any major language or accent

    [+] Over 1,500,000 royalty-free videos, images and audios built-in so you can fully customize your videos however you’d like

    [+] Powerful, lightning-fast video hosting included for your videos

    [+Automatically encode and render your videos to be 100% web-ready – and push them to our blazing fast video hosting platform

    [+] Publish your videos to a high-converting video page so you can start getting traffic and profit right away.

    [+] Syndicate your videos to over 25+ social sites to instantly start getting views, rankings and traffic.

    Here, the best thing is that Stoodaio 2.0 comes with complete 30 days money back guarantee that lets you simply buy this artificially intelligent Video Marketing software without any risk.

    Further, currently Stoodaio 2.0 Agency is available at an amazing early bird offer price so what the heck you are waiting for? Just grab your copy of Stoodaio 2.0 Agency right now from this review and start feeling the difference.