6 Best PlayStation 5 Games Every Gamer Should Play in 2024

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Embark on a virtual odyssey through the digital realms of the PlayStation 5 in 2024. As a discerning gamer, you seek the crème de la crème of gaming experiences. But which titles truly stand out in this crowded landscape?

From the adrenaline-fueled action of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to the spellbinding allure of Hogwarts Legacy, there's a diverse array of offerings awaiting your controller input.

So, which games will captivate your senses and transport you to new dimensions of gameplay mastery?

Key Takeaways

  • Grand Theft Auto V offers immersive open-world action with addictive gameplay, despite mixed opinions on pricing.
  • Madden NFL 24 delivers intense NFL experiences with lifelike player motion, despite some reported technical issues.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War provides intense combat in a Cold War setting, with gripping storylines and mature content.
  • Marvel's Avengers lets players embody iconic superheroes in epic missions, allowing customization without pay-to-win elements.

Grand Theft Auto V

video game heist adventure

For players seeking an immersive open-world experience with intense action, Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 5 is a top choice. The game has garnered positive reviews from customers, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 494 ratings. Users particularly enjoy the shooting and open-world aspects of the game, finding it to be a stress-relieving experience that can be enjoyed for hours. Some customers have mentioned the good packaging and condition of the item upon delivery. However, there are mixed opinions on the pricing and overall value for money. Grand Theft Auto V's addictive nature has been highlighted by some users, with reports of addiction to the game. Overall, it's well-received for its gameplay and entertainment value.

Best For: Gamers looking for an action-packed open-world experience with intense gameplay and immersive storytelling.


  • Engaging shooting mechanics and open-world exploration
  • Stress-relieving gameplay that can be enjoyed for hours
  • Positive feedback on packaging and item condition


  • Mixed opinions on pricing and overall value for money

Madden NFL 24 – PS5

next gen football on ps5

Bringing the intensity and realism of NFL gameplay to your console, Madden NFL 24 for PS5 offers immersive experiences for avid gamers. With game modes like Superstar: The League, Superstar: Showdown, Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team, and Cross-play, you can dive into various aspects of football simulation. The anatomically accurate player skeletons and Field SENSE animation technology provide lifelike player motion, enhancing the overall gameplay. Additionally, features like Enhanced AI movement, skill-based Passing 2.0, and Hit Everything 2.0 aim to make gameplay smoother and more realistic. Despite some technical issues reported by users, Madden NFL 24 continues to be a popular choice for NFL gaming enthusiasts, offering a blend of strategic gameplay and engaging features for players to enjoy on their PS5 consoles.

Best For: Gamers who enjoy realistic NFL gameplay experiences on their PS5 console.


  • Immersive game modes offering diverse football simulation experiences.
  • Lifelike player motion with anatomically accurate player skeletons and Field SENSE animation technology.
  • Enhanced AI movement and gameplay features for smoother and more realistic gameplay.


  • Technical issues reported by users, such as the game not working on PS5 systems and glitches.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PS5)

new ps5 cold war

Immerse yourself in the intense world of global espionage and thrilling combat with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the PlayStation 5, offering an array of iconic characters, gripping storylines, and a Cold War arsenal for avid gamers. Set in the early 1980s during the Cold War era, the game serves as a direct sequel to the original Call of Duty: Black Ops. Follow the trail of the shadowy figure Perseus as you aim to disrupt the global balance of power. Engage in a gripping single-player campaign and multiplayer experiences across iconic locations like East Berlin and Vietnam. With a mature rating, this game has garnered praise for its graphics, story mode, and zombie mode, although some players find the campaign length lacking compared to other titles.

Best For: Gamers who enjoy immersive storytelling, intense combat, and iconic characters in a Cold War setting.


  • Gripping single-player campaign with engaging storytelling.
  • Variety of iconic characters like Woods, Mason, and Hudson for fans of the series.
  • Access to a Cold War arsenal of weapons and equipment for diverse gameplay experiences.


  • Some players may find the campaign length lacking compared to other titles.

Marvels Avengers (PS5)

exciting superhero gameplay experience

Marvel's Avengers for PS5 invites you to embody iconic superheroes in epic missions, offering a thrilling experience for fans of Marvel's universe and action-adventure games alike. The game features beloved characters like Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor, with additions such as Kate Bishop and Clint Barton expanding the roster. You can unlock powerful skills and gear to customize your heroes for both single-player and co-op missions. Marvel's Avengers boasts a cinematic campaign without random loot boxes or pay-to-win elements, ensuring a fair and engaging gameplay experience. With the option to upgrade from the PS4 version at no extra cost and enjoy cross-gen play, the game provides hours of heroic entertainment on your PS5.

Best For: Gamers who are fans of Marvel's universe and enjoy action-adventure games with a diverse roster of iconic superheroes.


  • Offers a wide variety of characters with unique abilities and fighting styles.
  • Provides an engaging and immersive storyline that appeals to both Marvel fans and newcomers.
  • Allows for customization of heroes through unlocking powerful skills and gear for a personalized gameplay experience.


  • Lack of a local 2-player mode may be a drawback for those looking for more multiplayer options.

CRYMACHINA: Deluxe Edition – PlayStation 5

highly anticipated deluxe edition

For gamers seeking a thrilling RPG experience on their PlayStation 5 console, the CRYMACHINA: Deluxe Edition offers a captivating journey through Eden with fast-paced combat and a rich, emotional storyline. Set in a world where humanity has long been extinct, you follow Leben, Mikoto, and Ami, three E.V.E.'s, on their quest to uncover the secrets of the Shinki.

Engage in dynamic combat using various weapons and upgrades as you explore the vast expanse of Eden. The Deluxe Edition includes the game itself, a digital soundtrack, a softcover art book, and a reversible cover for an enhanced gaming experience.

With flashy RPG combat, stunning visuals, and a thought-provoking narrative, CRYMACHINA: Deluxe Edition is a must-play for any PlayStation 5 gamer.

Best For: Gamers who enjoy immersive RPG experiences with captivating visuals and a deep emotional storyline on their PlayStation 5 console.


  • Engaging storyline set in a unique post-apocalyptic world.
  • Fast-paced combat with a variety of weapons and upgrades.
  • Deluxe Edition includes extra digital content for an enhanced gaming experience.


  • Limited replay value once the main story is completed.

Hogwarts Legacy – PlayStation 5 | English | EU Import Region Free

hogwarts legacy eu import

If you seek to delve into the magical world of Harry Potter and shape your own wizarding legacy, Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation 5 is the ideal choice for dedicated gamers. Immerse yourself in an open-world action RPG set in the 1800s, exploring iconic locations like Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Forbidden Forest. Customize your character, learn spells, brew potions, and interact with magical creatures as you uncover hidden truths from the wizarding world's past.

Engage in thrilling battles against trolls, Dark Wizards, goblins, and a dangerous villain, shaping your legacy in a different era of Hogwarts. With positive reviews praising its graphics, story, and gameplay, Hogwarts Legacy offers an immersive experience for fans of RPGs and the Harry Potter universe.

Best For: Gamers who are fans of RPGs and the Harry Potter universe, seeking an immersive open-world action RPG experience set in the 1800s.


  • Offers a detailed and immersive open-world environment set in iconic Harry Potter locations.
  • Allows for character customization, spell-learning, potion brewing, and interaction with magical creatures.
  • Engaging storyline with battles against various foes and the opportunity to shape your own wizarding legacy.


  • DLC content compatibility may vary based on region and PlayStation account.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Playstation 5 Games

When choosing PlayStation 5 games, consider factors like:

  • Game genre suitability
  • Graphics
  • Playability
  • Storyline
  • Value for money

These elements can greatly impact your gaming experience and determine whether a game is worth your time and investment.

Game Genre Suitability

Considering your preferred game genres is essential to ensure maximum enjoyment and engagement when selecting PlayStation 5 games. Different genres, such as action, adventure, sports, RPG, or simulation, offer unique gameplay experiences, from fast-paced action to strategic decision-making.

Some players may lean towards a mix of genres or specific themes like fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, or historical settings. Game genre suitability plays a role in replay value, with some genres providing more replayability through varied choices and challenges.

Understanding your genre preferences can help tailor the gaming experience to your tastes, whether you enjoy story-driven narratives, competitive multiplayer, or open-world exploration. By aligning your game choices with preferred genres, you can enhance your overall gaming experience on the PlayStation 5.

Graphics and Visuals

To make informed choices when selecting PlayStation 5 games, carefully assess the graphics and visuals to ensure an immersive gaming experience. High-resolution graphics and detailed visuals on the PS5 enhance immersion, while advanced lighting effects, realistic textures, and smooth frame rates create stunning in-game environments.

The PS5's powerful hardware capabilities enable games to showcase lifelike animations and dynamic weather effects. Titles optimized for the PS5 use ray tracing technology to enhance reflections, shadows, and overall visual fidelity. Enjoy crisp, vibrant colors, intricate character models, and breathtaking landscapes in next-gen PlayStation 5 games.

Prioritize games that leverage the console's capabilities to deliver visually stunning and engaging experiences for an unforgettable gaming journey.

Playability and Controls

Assess the playability and controls of PlayStation 5 games to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. When selecting games, prioritize those with intuitive controls and responsive gameplay. These features can enhance your immersion and engagement in the gaming world.

Look for titles that offer customizable control options, allowing you to tailor the game to your preferences. It's essential to evaluate compatibility with different controllers and accessories for a versatile gaming experience.

Opt for games that provide smooth and intuitive controls for seamless navigation and interaction within the game environment. By considering playability and controls, you can elevate your gaming experience on the PlayStation 5 and enjoy hours of entertainment.

Storyline and Plot

Immersing yourself in PlayStation 5 games with captivating storylines and plots can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Well-developed plots filled with twists, character growth, and depth can make gameplay more compelling as you navigate through the narrative.

Games that offer engaging narratives evolving based on your choices provide a personalized touch, making your journey unique. Intriguing story arcs, deep lore, and rich world-building elements contribute to the overall enjoyment and longevity of a game, keeping you invested for hours on end.

Memorable storylines that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on players can elevate your gaming experience, creating moments that resonate with you long after you've put down the controller.

Value for Money

When selecting PlayStation 5 games, prioritize assessing their value for money by considering factors such as replayability and content diversity.

To ensure you get your money's worth, look for games that offer a diverse range of content and gameplay experiences for the price. Check for special editions or bundles that include additional content or bonuses to enhance the value proposition.

It's also beneficial to compare prices across different retailers or platforms to find the best deal without compromising on quality. Reading reviews and watching gameplay videos can help you gauge if the game's features and quality align with the price point, aiding you in making an informed decision that maximizes the value of your gaming investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Hidden Easter Eggs or Secrets in Grand Theft Auto V for the Playstation 5 Version?


In Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 5, there are indeed hidden easter eggs and secrets waiting to be discovered. From mysterious locations to quirky references, the game is full of surprises for you to explore.

Keep your eyes peeled and your investigative skills sharp as you navigate through the vast open world of GTA V on your PlayStation 5. Who knows what hidden gems you might uncover!

How Does Madden NFL 24 on the PS5 Incorporate Next-Gen Features to Enhance Gameplay?

Madden NFL 24 for the PS5 takes gameplay to the next level with its incorporation of cutting-edge next-gen features. From improved graphics and realistic player movements to enhanced AI and immersive sound design, this game truly elevates your gaming experience.

Enjoy smoother gameplay, more lifelike animations, and smarter opponents that adapt to your strategies. Get ready to immerse yourself in the most realistic and engaging football simulation yet on the PlayStation 5.

What Unique Multiplayer Modes Are Available in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for the Ps5?

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for the PS5, players can dive into unique multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy. Engage in intense battles in Fireteam mode, where teams of four compete on large-scale maps.

Plus, experience the thrill of Combined Arms, featuring vehicle warfare and bigger teams. With a variety of gameplay options, players will find something that suits their style in this action-packed multiplayer shooter.

Is There Cross-Platform Play Available for Marvel's Avengers on the Playstation 5?

Yes, there's cross-platform play available for Marvel's Avengers on the PlayStation 5. You can team up with friends playing on other platforms like Xbox and PC.

This feature allows you to enjoy the game together regardless of the device you're using. Cross-platform play enhances the multiplayer experience, enabling you to connect with a wider community of players and have more fun battling villains and completing missions in Marvel's Avengers.

What Exclusive Content Is Included in the CRYMACHINA: Deluxe Edition for the Playstation 5?

In the Crymachina: Deluxe Edition for the PlayStation 5, you can expect exclusive content like bonus in-game items, character skins, and early access to new features. This special edition offers a unique gameplay experience tailored for dedicated players.

Dive into the enhanced world of Crymachina with these additional perks, making your gaming adventure even more immersive and exciting. Enjoy the benefits of the Deluxe Edition as you explore the futuristic universe of Crymachina on your PlayStation 5!


So there you have it, the top 6 PlayStation 5 games every gamer should play in 2024.

Whether you're into open-world adventures, sports simulations, or first-person shooters, there's something for everyone on this list.

Make sure to consider factors like genre, gameplay style, and reviews when choosing your next game to ensure you have the best gaming experience possible on your PlayStation 5.

Happy gaming!

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