FANSAISI Helmet Speaker Review: Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

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The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker has been making waves in the motorcycle community with its bone conduction technology and Bluetooth connectivity. But does it live up to the hype?

In this review, we will delve into the various features and specifications of this headset, exploring its compatibility, user feedback, and use cases. With its DSP noise cancellation and IP66 waterproof rating, it promises to deliver a seamless audio experience even in challenging environments.

Stay tuned to find out if the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker is truly worth the investment.

Key Takeaways

  • The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker is a bone conduction Bluetooth headset designed specifically for motorcycle riders.
  • It features a bone conduction vibration speaker and DSP noise cancellation technology for clear audio.
  • The speaker is IP66 waterproof and has a low power consumption with a stable connection.
  • It is compatible with Bluetooth devices and can be easily installed on various types of helmets.

Product Features

The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker boasts a range of impressive product features that make it a top choice for motorcycle riders looking for a reliable and convenient audio solution.

Firstly, it utilizes bone conduction vibration speaker technology, which allows for clear audio transmission without the need for traditional earbuds or headphones.

Additionally, it incorporates DSP noise cancellation technology, ensuring that background noise is minimized for a more immersive listening experience.

Furthermore, the helmet speaker is IP66 waterproof, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions.

Operating the device is made easy with button control, and its low power consumption ensures a stable connection.

The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker is also designed for easy installation on various helmet types, including uncover helmets, half helmets, full helmets, and off-road helmets.

Compatibility and Specifications

With its compatibility with Bluetooth devices and a range of impressive specifications, the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker is a versatile audio solution for motorcycle riders.

Here are the compatibility and specifications of this bone conduction Bluetooth headset:

  1. Compatible with Bluetooth devices: The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker can be easily connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing riders to enjoy their favorite music or take calls hands-free.
  2. Item Weight: The helmet speaker weighs only 5.9 ounces, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear during long rides.
  3. ASIN and Model Number: The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker has an ASIN of B0BX6YJC3P and a model number of FSS-H2R, ensuring easy identification and purchase.

These specifications make the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker a convenient and reliable choice for motorcycle riders in need of an audio solution on the road.

User Feedback

Based on user feedback, it is evident that the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker offers a range of pros and cons for motorcycle riders.

Some users have mentioned that the speaker sticks out from the helmet with flashing lights, which could be distracting. Additionally, the button design could be improved for easier operation.

In terms of audio quality, some users have found the volume and audio quality to be on par with other bone conduction devices. However, there were complaints that the speaker is not powerful enough to hear while riding a loud bike and difficulty hearing music at speeds over 30 mph.

Mounting the speaker can be tricky, with some users experiencing difficulty in locking it in properly.

On the positive side, users have praised the good sound quality and clear audio, making it a safe option for hands-free communication on the road. The battery life has also been reported as excellent.

Use Cases

Designed specifically for motorcycle riders, the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker offers a range of use cases for enhancing their riding experience. Here are three key use cases for this bone conduction Bluetooth headset:

  1. Riding Communication: The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker allows riders to stay connected with their fellow riders or passengers through hands-free communication. This is especially useful for group rides or when riding in pairs, as it enables easy and clear communication without the need to remove helmets or use hand signals.
  2. Music and Navigation: With the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker, riders can enjoy their favorite music or receive turn-by-turn navigation instructions without compromising their safety. The bone conduction technology ensures that riders can hear the audio clearly, even in noisy environments, allowing them to stay focused on the road.
  3. Outdoor Sports: Apart from motorcycle riding, the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker can also be used for other outdoor activities such as skiing. Its compatibility with various helmet types makes it versatile and suitable for different sports where communication or audio guidance is required.

Price and Purchase Information

Moving on to the topic of price and purchase information, potential buyers of the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker will find a range of options available to them. The helmet speaker can be purchased both online and offline, providing convenience and flexibility for customers. Additionally, the product comes with warranty information, ensuring that buyers can have peace of mind regarding the quality of their purchase. Furthermore, customers have the option to provide feedback on pricing, allowing the company to make adjustments if necessary. Below is a table summarizing the key details related to the price and purchase of the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker:

Information Details
Purchase options Online and offline
Warranty Available
Feedback on pricing Option to provide feedback

This table provides a clear and concise overview of the price and purchase information for potential buyers of the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker.

Bone Conduction Technology

Bone conduction technology revolutionizes audio transmission by utilizing vibrations to transmit sound directly to the inner ear. This innovative technology offers several advantages over traditional audio transmission methods:

  1. Safety: With bone conduction technology, the ears remain open, allowing users to hear ambient sounds such as traffic while still enjoying their audio. This makes it an ideal choice for motorcycle riders and other outdoor activities.
  2. Comfort: Unlike traditional headphones that may cause discomfort or pressure on the ears, bone conduction technology delivers sound through vibrations on the cheekbones, providing a comfortable and immersive listening experience.
  3. Versatility: Bone conduction technology can be easily integrated into various devices such as helmets, glasses, and headsets, making it a flexible option for different applications.

DSP Noise Cancellation

One of the key features that enhances the audio experience of the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker is its advanced DSP noise cancellation technology. This technology is designed to reduce background noise and improve the clarity of audio playback, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music or communicate hands-free without being hindered by external noise.

The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology analyzes the incoming audio signal and applies filters to remove unwanted noise, resulting in a cleaner and more immersive sound experience. With this feature, users can have a better audio experience even in noisy environments, making the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker an ideal choice for motorcycle riders and other outdoor enthusiasts.

IP66 Waterproof Rating

The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker boasts an impressive IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring its durability and functionality even in wet and challenging outdoor conditions. With this level of waterproofing, users can confidently use the helmet speaker in any weather condition without worrying about water damage.

Here are three key benefits of the IP66 waterproof rating:

  1. Protection against water ingress: The IP66 rating guarantees that the helmet speaker is completely protected against powerful jets of water and can withstand any rainfall or splashes encountered during outdoor activities.
  2. Dust resistance: In addition to being waterproof, the speaker also offers a high level of protection against dust and other particles. This makes it ideal for use in dusty or dirty environments, such as off-road riding or skiing.
  3. Outdoor durability: The IP66 rating ensures that the helmet speaker is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. It can handle the challenges of outdoor activities, providing reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Button Control and Operation

The FANSAISI Helmet Speaker offers convenient button control for easy operation and seamless connectivity.

With its intuitive design, users can easily control various functions such as volume adjustment, music playback, and call management.

The buttons are strategically placed on the speaker unit, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate through different settings without having to remove their hands from the handlebars. This ensures a safe and hassle-free experience while on the road.

The button control system also ensures a stable and reliable connection with Bluetooth devices, allowing riders to enjoy uninterrupted audio streaming and clear communication.

Easy Installation on Various Helmets

With its user-friendly button control system discussed in the previous subtopic, the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker also offers easy installation on various helmets. This makes it convenient for motorcycle riders and skiers who want to enjoy their favorite music or have hands-free communication while wearing their helmets.

The easy installation feature ensures that users can quickly set up the speaker on different types of helmets, including uncover helmets, half helmets, full helmets, and off-road helmets. The speaker's design allows for a secure and stable fit, ensuring that it stays in place even during fast rides or intense activities.

This hassle-free installation process saves users time and effort, allowing them to focus on their ride or activity without any distractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Bone Conduction Technology Work in the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker?

Bone conduction technology in the FanSaiSi Helmet Speaker allows sound to be transmitted through vibrations directly to the user's inner ear, bypassing the eardrum. This enables users to hear audio while keeping their ears open to surrounding sounds, enhancing safety during motorcycle riding.

What Is DSP Noise Cancellation Technology and How Does It Improve the Audio Quality?

DSP noise cancellation technology is a feature that improves audio quality by reducing background noise and enhancing the clarity of sound. It enhances the listening experience by isolating the desired audio signals and minimizing unwanted disturbances, resulting in a more enjoyable and immersive sound experience.

Can the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker Be Submerged in Water With Its IP66 Waterproof Rating?

Yes, the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker can be submerged in water with its IP66 waterproof rating. This feature ensures that the speaker remains protected from water damage, making it suitable for use in various outdoor activities, including motorbike riding and skiing.

How Do You Operate the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker With Its Button Control?

To operate the FANSAISI helmet speaker with its button control, simply press the designated buttons to control functions such as power on/off, volume adjustment, and track selection. The button design may be improved based on user feedback.

Is the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker Easy to Install on Different Types of Helmets?

Yes, the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker is designed for easy installation on various types of helmets, including uncover helmets, half helmets, full helmets, and off-road helmets. It provides a convenient and versatile solution for motorcycle riders and other outdoor enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker offers motorcyclists and outdoor enthusiasts a seamless audio experience with its bone conduction technology and DSP noise cancellation.

Its waterproof rating and easy installation on various helmets make it a reliable choice for use in challenging environments.

With its compatibility and versatile features, the FANSAISI Helmet Speaker is a convenient and secure audio solution for a wide range of users.

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