Horsepower Scrubber

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Step into the world of cleaning efficiency with the Horsepower Scrubber, a powerhouse machine that leaves no mess untouched. With its 1.5 horsepower motor and advanced technology, this industrial-powered scrubber takes cleaning to a whole new level.

But that's just the beginning. There's more to discover about this cutting-edge cleaning solution that will revolutionize the way you tackle dirt and grime.

So, buckle up and get ready to experience the future of cleaning like never before.

Key Takeaways

  • The CleanFreak® 20 Electric Floor Buffing Scrubber with a 1.5 horsepower motor offers efficient cleaning power with its deep scrubbing action.
  • The advanced technology of the scrubber, including triple planetary steel transmission gears, ensures reliable and efficient cleaning for tough messes.
  • The powerful cleaning solution is designed for various cleaning tasks, including heavily soiled areas on carpets, providing thorough and reliable results on different surfaces.
  • The cutting-edge design of the scrubber incorporates high-powered motor and durable construction, making it suitable for both hard floors and carpets, with a 5-year warranty on the motor and transmission.

Efficient Cleaning Power

When it comes to efficient cleaning power, the CleanFreak® 20 Electric Floor Buffing Scrubber with its 1.5 horsepower motor stands out as a top choice for both carpet and hard floor use. This scrubber features a 20-inch cleaning path, allowing you to cover large areas in less time. With its powerful motor, it effortlessly tackles dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your floors looking spotless.

The CleanFreak® 20 Electric Floor Buffing Scrubber is designed to make your cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. Its powerful motor ensures that the brush rotates at a high speed, providing deep scrubbing action that effectively removes stubborn dirt and grime from your floors. Whether you have carpeted areas or hard floors, this scrubber is versatile enough to handle both surfaces with ease.

Cleaning becomes a breeze with the CleanFreak® 20 Electric Floor Buffing Scrubber. Its powerful motor delivers the necessary power to lift dirt and debris from your floors, leaving them clean and shiny. Say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and hello to a faster, more efficient cleaning process.

Advanced Technology for Tough Messes

When it comes to tackling tough messes, the CleanFreak® 20 Electric Floor Buffing Scrubber is equipped with advanced technology that ensures powerful cleaning performance.

Its cutting-edge design includes features like a triple planetary steel transmission gears, a durable chrome handle, and non-marking wheels, making it a reliable and efficient solution for even the most challenging cleaning tasks.

With this powerful cleaning solution, you can confidently take on any tough mess with ease.

Powerful Cleaning Solution

The powerful cleaning solution with advanced technology tackles tough messes effectively, making it a reliable choice for a variety of cleaning tasks. Whether you need to clean industrial spaces, commercial areas, or tackle tough household cleaning, this solution is designed to deliver impressive results.

With its advanced formula, it can handle heavily soiled areas on carpets and is perfect for deep cleaning and tough messes. The automatic floor scrubber can be easily filled with this gallon solution, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning.

The solution's powerful cleaning performance is backed by its advanced technology, providing reliable results on various surfaces. When faced with challenging cleaning tasks, this powerful cleaning solution is the perfect choice to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Cutting-Edge Design

With its cutting-edge design and advanced technology, this high-powered scrubber is specifically engineered to tackle tough messes with ease. Here's why it stands out:

  1. Advanced Technology: The cutting-edge design of this scrubber incorporates advanced technology that allows it to handle even the most stubborn stains and spills on your floors.
  2. High-Powered Motor: Equipped with a 1.5 horsepower motor and triple planetary steel transmission gears, this scrubber delivers powerful performance for efficient cleaning.
  3. Versatile Use: Whether you need to clean hard floors or carpets, this scrubber has got you covered. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for all your floor cleaning needs.

With its durable construction, reinforced epoxy powder-coated steel shroud, and cast iron chassis, this scrubber is built to last. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and transmission, ensuring peace of mind and guaranteeing its quality and performance.

Say goodbye to tough messes and hello to spotless floors with this cutting-edge scrubber.

Say Goodbye to Manual Scrubbing

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual scrubbing with these powerful and efficient floor scrubbers. These innovative machines are designed to make your cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. With features like large cleaning paths and powerful motors, these scrubbers can tackle even the toughest dirt and grime.

The CleanFreak® 20 Electric Floor Buffing Scrubber is a great option for industrial cleaning tasks. With its 20-inch cleaning path and 1.5 horsepower motor, it can strip tiled floors and scrub heavily soiled carpets with ease. No more wasting time and energy on manual scrubbing when you have this powerful machine.

If you're looking for a cordless option, Rubbermaid's Reveal Power Scrubber is the way to go. This battery-powered scrub brush has an oscillating head that scrubs 60 times per second, providing 2X faster cleaning than manual scrubbing. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks.

The Nobles SS5 floor scrubber is known for its ease of use and reliability. Equipped with two powerful .75 horsepower brush motors, it provides up to 120 lbs of brush pressure, making it efficient and fast. With a coverage of up to 26,000 square feet per hour, you can say goodbye to manual scrubbing for good.

In addition to their efficiency, these floor scrubbers also offer cost savings. Refurbished Nobles SS5 floor scrubbers are a great option for those looking to save money. By reducing the need for purchasing new cleaning equipment, they promote sustainability and help minimize the environmental impact.

With features like the Insta-Click™ magnetic head, ec-H2O NanoClean technology, and an improved squeegee design, the Speed Scrub 300 floor scrubber is designed for efficient and quiet operation. No more struggling with scrubbing pads or wasting water and detergent. This machine will make your cleaning tasks a breeze.

Say goodbye to manual scrubbing and hello to these powerful and efficient floor scrubbers. With their innovative features and powerful motors, they'll make your cleaning tasks faster and easier. Don't waste any more time and energy on manual scrubbing when you have these amazing floor machines at your disposal.

High-Speed Motor for Quick Results

Get ready to experience rapid cleaning like never before with the high-speed motor featured in the Horsepower Scrubber.

This efficient motor is designed to provide impressive speed, ensuring that your cleaning tasks are completed in no time.

With its powerful performance, you can say goodbye to tedious manual scrubbing and hello to quick, effective results.

Rapid Cleaning With Power

Achieve rapid cleaning and quick results with the Horsepower Scrubber's high-speed motor. This powerful motor ensures fast scrubbing and cleaning, allowing you to complete tasks swiftly.

Here's why the high-speed motor of the Horsepower Scrubber is perfect for rapid cleaning:

  1. Fast scrubbing: The high-speed motor delivers quick rotations, enabling the scrubber to remove dirt and grime efficiently.
  2. Swift completion of tasks: With the high-speed motor, the Horsepower Scrubber can cover larger areas in less time, reducing cleaning time significantly.
  3. Effective cleaning force: The powerful high-speed motor provides the necessary force to tackle tough cleaning jobs effectively, leaving your surfaces spotless.

Experience the speed and efficiency of the Horsepower Scrubber's high-speed motor for rapid cleaning that gets the job done quickly and effectively.

Efficient Motor for Speed

Experience the lightning-fast cleaning power of the Efficient Motor for Speed, equipped with a powerful 1.5 horsepower motor, for quick and effective results. This high-speed motor allows the scrubber to move along at up to 2.7 miles per hour and achieve a maximum scrubbing speed of 2.5 miles per hour, ensuring fast and efficient cleaning of large areas. The table below highlights the impressive features of the Efficient Motor for Speed:

Features Specifications
Motor Power 1.5 horsepower
Speed Up to 2.7 miles per hour
Maximum Scrubbing 2.5 miles per hour
Brush Pressure Up to 120 lbs
Coverage Up to 26,000 square feet per hour

This versatile motor is suitable for various types of floors, including tile, concrete, and vinyl, making it perfect for multi-purpose use in warehouses, hospitals, and schools. With its easy-to-use design and reliability, the Efficient Motor for Speed ensures consistent performance, increasing productivity, and reducing cleaning time. Consider choosing a refurbished model to save money while still enjoying the same high performance and promoting sustainability.

Easy and Convenient Cleaning Solution

The Easy and Convenient Cleaning Solution offers a powerful motor, durable construction, and a wide cleaning path, making it a reliable choice for all your cleaning needs.

Here are three reasons why this solution is easy to use and great for cleaning:

  1. Powerful Motor: With its 1.5 horsepower motor, this cleaning solution delivers strong suction and efficient cleaning power. It effortlessly removes dirt, dust, and debris, leaving your floors spotless in no time.
  2. Durable Construction: The solution is built to last. Its triple planetary steel transmission gears ensure smooth operation and long-term performance. The reinforced epoxy powder-coated steel shroud and chrome handle provide added durability, even in demanding cleaning environments.
  3. Wide Cleaning Path: The 20-inch cleaning path allows you to cover a larger area in less time. With fewer passes needed, you can clean your floors quickly and efficiently. This makes the solution ideal for warehouses, hospitals, schools, and other spaces that require frequent and thorough cleaning.

In addition to its user-friendly features, the Easy and Convenient Cleaning Solution also comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and transmission, and a 1-year warranty on parts. This ensures that you can rely on its performance for years to come.

Say goodbye to difficult and time-consuming cleaning tasks – the Easy and Convenient Cleaning Solution is here to make your cleaning experience easy and hassle-free.

Sparkling Clean Surfaces in No Time

With the Easy and Convenient Cleaning Solution, you'll be able to achieve sparkling clean surfaces in no time.

The CleanFreak® 20 Electric Floor Buffing Scrubber is a powerful machine with a 20-inch cleaning path, making it efficient for cleaning large areas. Its 1.5 horsepower motor and triple planetary steel transmission gears allow it to tackle various cleaning jobs, from stripping commercially tiled floors to scrubbing heavily soiled carpet areas.

If you're looking for a portable option, the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber is a cordless electric battery-powered scrub brush that's water-resistant and designed for fast and efficient cleaning. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing convenience and effectiveness.

Another option is the Nobles SS5 automatic walk-behind floor scrubber, known for its ease of use, reliability, and efficient cleaning performance. It can cover up to about 26,000 square feet per hour, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

Investing in a refurbished Nobles SS5 floor scrubber not only offers cost savings but also environmental benefits, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.

Achieving sparkling clean surfaces has never been easier with these powerful and efficient cleaning solutions.

The Future of Cleaning

Cleaning is entering a new era with advanced technologies and innovations that promise to revolutionize the industry. The future of cleaning is shaping up to be more efficient, sustainable, and focused on creating healthier indoor environments. Here are three key developments to expect:

  1. Robotics and AI: Autonomous cleaning robots will become more prevalent, taking over repetitive and time-consuming tasks. These robots will be equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms to navigate spaces efficiently and ensure thorough cleaning. Additionally, smart cleaning systems will use AI to analyze data and optimize cleaning schedules and processes.
  2. Environmentally friendly solutions: With growing awareness of environmental impact, the future of cleaning will prioritize sustainability. Green cleaning products, made from natural and biodegradable ingredients, will replace harmful chemicals. Furthermore, cleaning equipment will be designed to be energy-efficient and reduce water consumption.
  3. IoT integration: The Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize cleaning processes by enabling real-time monitoring and management. Sensors embedded in cleaning equipment will provide data on usage, performance, and maintenance needs. This data can be used to optimize cleaning schedules, reduce downtime, and improve cost-efficiency.

As the future of cleaning unfolds, these advancements in robotics, sustainability, and IoT integration will transform the industry, delivering cleaner and healthier environments for us all.

Experience the Horsepower Scrubber Difference

As cleaning technology progresses, one machine stands out for its exceptional power and versatility – the Horsepower Scrubber. When it comes to cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, the Horsepower Scrubber makes a noticeable difference. With its 20-inch cleaning path, it's capable of stripping commercially tiled floors and scrubbing heavily soiled carpet areas. Equipped with a durable chrome handle, a 1.5 horsepower motor, and triple planetary steel transmission gears, this machine is built to handle both carpet and hard floor cleaning tasks.

What sets the Horsepower Scrubber apart is its robust build and durability. Weighing 111 pounds and backed by a 5-year warranty on the motor and transmission, this machine is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial cleaning. Its two powerful .75 horsepower brush motors and up to 120 lbs of brush pressure ensure efficient and reliable cleaning, all while operating quietly at 67 DBA.

In terms of productivity, the Horsepower Scrubber shines. With its ability to cover up to about 26,000 square feet per hour, it's highly efficient for large cleaning areas. This means that you can complete your cleaning tasks in less time, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

When it comes to cleaning power, versatility, and efficiency, the Horsepower Scrubber makes a real difference. Experience the difference for yourself and see how this machine can transform your cleaning routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Scrubber Is the Best?

The best scrubber for you depends on your specific needs.

The CleanFreak® 20 Electric Floor Buffing Scrubber is powerful and great for industrial cleaning.

The Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber is cordless and perfect for tight spaces.

The Nobles SS5 is reliable and efficient for large areas.

Refurbished Nobles SS5 floor scrubbers offer cost savings.

The Speed Scrub 300 has advanced features for reduced costs and cleaner floors.

Consider what features are most important to you when choosing the best scrubber.

Do Floor Scrubbers Really Work?

Yes, floor scrubbers really work.

Picture this: You walk into a grimy, dirty room, and with a flick of a switch, a floor scrubber comes to life. It effortlessly glides across the floor, scrubbing away dirt and grime, leaving behind a sparkling clean surface.

These powerful machines are designed to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks, and they do it with precision and efficiency.

What Is the Difference Between a Scrubber and a Sweeper?

A scrubber and a sweeper are two different machines used for cleaning floors.

While a scrubber is designed to deep clean and remove dirt and stains, a sweeper is used to gather and collect debris like dust, leaves, and small particles.

Scrubbers usually have brushes or pads to scrub the floor, while sweepers have rotating brushes or brooms to sweep the debris into a collection bin.

How Do You Use a Power Floor Scrubber?

To use a power floor scrubber, first add the appropriate cleaning solution to the machine's tank.

Adjust the settings for speed and pressure based on your floor type and cleaning needs.

Start the scrubber and guide it across the floor in a systematic pattern.

Pay extra attention to dirty spots and go over them multiple times if needed.

After use, clean and maintain the scrubber properly to ensure it lasts and stays effective.


Experience the power of the Horsepower Scrubber and say goodbye to manual scrubbing. With its advanced technology and high-speed motor, this industrial-powered machine delivers quick and efficient cleaning results.

Did you know that the Horsepower Scrubber can strip commercially tiled floors and scrub heavily soiled areas on carpets? With a 1.5 horsepower motor, it's no wonder this scrubber is the future of cleaning.

Try it today and see the difference for yourself.

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